Play free video poker online – elegant Joker Wild

This poker game appertains to the large group of five-hand card board games, which are usually called draw poker. In fact, virtually all table games, which belong to this category, can boast of large fans bases, especially in Canada, Australian and South Africa. However, this elegant game with classic rules and an updated system of bets demonstrates the best results when comparing with its

Joker Wild
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traditional analogues. Thereby, if you want to play free video poker online, which has already gained a great acceptance among other gamblers, then Joker Wild at is the first appropriate candidate.

In contradistinction to standard poker games, Joker Wild features fifty-three cards: fifty-two traditional cards plus a joker. This special card can represent any other one selected by the gambler. Thereby, the player’s chances to win supplementary real money are significantly increased, which is an essential advantage of Joker Wild.

How to win the maximum of winning combos in Joker Wild

In fact, this game has a relatively simple set of rules, which leads us to the fact that it requires no extra practice. The player receives five cards and makes a bet. Next, it is possible to change up to five cards from the initial set in order to obtain another combination that is more promising. After that, players open their cards and the most fortunate one receives the desired prize.

Some combos can be formed only from the specific sets of cards. Thus, it is recommendable to examine the payout table before the start of this phase to understand the differences in payouts between Flush, Full House or Pairs. Luckily, gamblers can learn all this information from special tables included in the game, which can be activated from PC and virtually all modern tablet platforms and mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad or Android.

This game is designed by NetEnt, which is in all means a trustworthy app development company. Surely, that is another stimulus to play free video poker online for those gamblers who only begin their acquaintance with poker games.

Exclusive features and classy prizes

Without a doubt, this game is a perfect gift for the beginners in the sphere of online gambling. It is oriented at those who prefer great wins and quick rounds, trying to play free video poker online for fun and not forgetting about profits. In Joker Wild, players don’t have to place bets every next round, which speeds up the whole game, allowing you to win more for the same period of time. In addition, it proposes you a great amount of diverse bets and top-notch graphics, which add more points to its quality.

Therefore, if you are eager to test your luck in this magnificent game without leaving the familiar comfort of your home then visit Slots Galore where you can find this and many other poker games. No download and no registration are necessary. Just play one of the most popular games in SA and wait for your wins, which are virtually inevitable!