Play video poker online and learn to win

Of course, video poker is extremely popular in thousands of online casinos in Europe, Canada, Asia and South Africa. The permanent growth of the functionality and popularity of various tablet platforms also stimulates gamblers to choose video poker because of its remarkable graphics and top-notch quality. Therefore, to help our visitors to understand much more about how to play video poker online, avoiding all considerable troubles, or how to win real money prizes and bonuses, we supply all our clients with dozens of modern variations of poker, such as Tens or Better or Joker’s Wild. In addition, at Slots Galore, you can find many informative articles about all nuances of online poker and obtain efficient advice, which will permit you to increase your personal winning coefficient.

How to play poker online and receive the best results

The history of video poker is virtually the same age as the history of the Internet. This game was one of the first games adapted especially

for PC. Nowadays, it can be discovered in all modern online casinos in USA, EU, SA, etc. One of the most notable advantages of this game, which explains its remarkable popularity, is the fact that it perfectly combines the relatively simple rules with the labyrinthine gambling strategies that are not used in other table games. Thereby, is why those who prefer to play video poker online for fun as well as for those who play poker to win real money prizes, prefer poker over all other table standard card games.

The game is designed in accordance with the same principles as classic board poker. Before the start, all gamblers place their bets and get five cards. Next, the players can replace up to five cards in order to form another winning combo. Those players who win the hand receive a payout in accordance with the pay table. These tables may vary in different types of poker games; for example, in Deuces Wild one of the most remunerative bets is four deuce whereas in Jacks or Better this combination of cards is not beneficial at all. However, the main principles of video poker stay unchanged in all poker games.

Different variations of video poker

Luckily for those gamblers who enjoy to play video poker online, experimenting with new gambling strategies and receiving loads of prizes without leaving the familiar comfort of home, there exist many different variations of classic video poker. Each of these games can boast of a certain essential advantage, which distinguishes it from all others. Let us look closer at these modern online games.

  • Jacks or Better – a classic five-hand variation of video poker, which can boast of significantly elaborated rules and an increased number of available winning combinations.
  • Bally’s All-American is a splendidly designed offshoot of previously mentioned Jacks or Better video poker, and aside from adjustments to the pay table for certain key hands, both games play in identical fashion.
  • Tens or Better. It is another five-hand video poker game with the set of rules, which has a lot in common with those that is used in Jacks or Better. However, it proffers gamblers more winning combinations, but fewer wins.
  • Joker’s Wild has a lot in common with all previously mentioned types of video poker games. The main difference of this game is that it features a few wild cards.
  • Deuces Wild. This is another five-hand video poker game, which proffers gamblers two wild cards. These cards replace all other cards, increasing the gambler’s chances to win. Therefore, this video poker game has increased payouts when comparing with a standard video poker.
  • Bonus Poker and Double Bonus video poker games. These games are quite similar to classic video poker games, except that they bestow the gamblers the premium wins for all hands containing Four of a Kind.

Needless to say that these and many other crackerjack video poker games are created by the best app development companies, such as Microgaming, RTG, Ballys, Betsoft, Cryptologic, etc.

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