The most powerful online casino game developers in the world

Our casino would like to get you acquainted with the most influential leaders in the sphere of online casino software development. Every release of those geniuses of game creation bears a mark of immaculately perfect graphics, exciting plots and excellent soundtracks. And yet, players rarely think about what is the cornerstone of the success of online casino game developers. Apart from Microgaming, what makes tick giants like NetEnt, Bally, Aristocrat, WMS, to name but a few?

Leaders of some of those game development celebrities often share details of the development process with interviewers. Gamblers can learn a lot from such talks and understand how those big companies have come to creating the most popular slots in SA and the world. Literally, thousands of experts are engaged in the development of game plots and bonus concepts, payout tables, as well as creating character animations

and ingenious soundtracks. Tons of things need to be accomplished before a slot machine can be exposed on the screens of millions of South African players in the world over. We will become your guide into the life of the chieftains of game creation and tell you their inspiring stories that slowly are turning into legends.

From the assembly line to the fun part

How are designed and created slot machines capable of captivating people’s minds? Clearly, the creation of each slot is an extremely complex and time-consuming process. Even if it’s ‘no registration’ and ‘free’ slot games, they are still the result of hard work of a whole team of highly qualified professionals. Thanks to their close attention to every last detail, from the design, colors and sounds to the bleeding edge technology implementations game machines are constantly improving. Each slot provider has their own niche on the global market and each has developed unique gambling rules or schemes of reward.

Of course, the gambling industry takes its roots from everlasting classics, such as never-to-be-forgotten Fruit Machines, typical casino table games or card games. All world-renowned game developers can be distinguished by their unique style. Moreover, most games are custom-made, and their development depends on users’ response and reaction. Become an active member of the vast gambling community and participate in discussions over fresh releases and the hottest hits! It is you who decides whether an upcoming product will consolidate its position as a keeper or sink into oblivion.

With no download everyone can play slots online for fun!

Did you know that Microgaming alone proposes no less than 30 multi-player slots? They all are incredibly popular, which makes the creative core regularly invent new games, as well as constantly holding multiplayer tournaments across all the Microgaming network. When players can compete side by side and interact with each other due to the chat functionality, it adds a social element to the game, and gets the slot machines in a casino to a totally new level.

We try to be kept abreast of the latest developments and our players’ desires, as well. That is why every gambler – hopefully, as devoted to their interest as we are – will find lots of newly baked and classic slots at our casino. We collect slot machines coming from numerous game providers and our selection includes only games that feature free access. Whether you are a fan of NetEnt’s products, or those originated by Bally, WMS and Aristocrat, we have slots and news galore!

With bonus or with jackpot: what is your selection?

At the casino, we are constantly gathering snippets of valuable info about bonuses and extra beneficial features that game developers infuse their products with. You could take a keen interest in bonuses and supplementary game peculiarities or you could be enraptured by progressive slot machines. Those machines give players the opportunity to win a fortune literally with just one click, and Eastern Europe and SA famously have become the lands of millionaires.

With an eye to making your life easier and your gambling enthusiasm brighter, we organized factual information about each game developer in separate pages. Take a close look while you’re here, and, most certainly, our comprehensive knowledge base will provide answers to all your burning questions.

It should be noted that all the game developing companies at our website have a nice tradition of paying jackpots winnings the whole amount at once. This often is not the case with many other online casino game developers who offer divided payments over a period of months or even years. At the moment, all the jackpots won in Microgaming’s slots alone make up a record amount of more than €0.5 billion. Keep reading our site in order to learn valuable facts about online casino game developers of your liking. In addition, do not forget to check the game pages where we have a detailed review for each slot machine present.